About LexArtis

LexArtis was founded by Mrs. Christina Panagoulea and Mr. Michalis Andrianos, aiming to operate as a flexible, credible, innovative and superior Legal advice boutique Law Firm. Located in the heart of Athens, LexArtis,  focuses on providing unique and cost efficient solutions based on sophisticated quality work

The extensive experience of Mrs. C. Panagoulea in the Public Administration sector, both as ‘Special Analyst’ and State’s Lawyer in several international litigations and arbitrations, combined with her outstanding track record and expertise in handling a wide spectrum of legal problems, provides significant advantage for LexArtis


LexArtis Law - Christina Panagoulea

Clients’ Relations

Building long-term relationships with our clients is a pillar of LexArtis’ operation.

LexArtis culture is to focus on the customer’s needs and wishes.

The Company owes its track record of success to the in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs, as well as its commitment to offer exceptional customized service. Both these unique characteristics offered LexArtis its distinguished position as 

‘The trusted and Man-centered legal advisor’


Some of our facts

Areas Covered

Our skills


  • has the capacity to offer sophisticated advocacy and counsel in the most complex domestic and international legal cases of its clients in Greek, English, German, Italian and French
  • provides of a highly qualified network of non-legal professionals, such as accountants, financial advisors, engineers, technical & computer experts in order to offer full support on all issues
  • has established long-standing co-operation relations with top legal professionals and Academic / Professors should an independent expertise legal opinion or collaboration be required.


Culture of excellence

Our team of Attorneys consists of highly skilled, experienced, trustworthy, responsible and dedicated professionals, each with his/her own areas of specialized expertise. They all have the confidence and know-how to handle any legal problem our customers are confronted with and assist them to meet and exceed their objectives, as well as take advantage of new opportunities. 

To achieve best results and provide top class personalized services to those who honor us by choice and confidence, 

we all believe and practice teamwork.

Areas of Expertise


Public & Defense Procurement

Regulatory, Participation to tender, Contracts (conclusion, interpretation, execution), Negotiation (Committees before & after Contracts’ conclusion), Litigation, Arbitration

IP Law

Media law, press, advertising, phonography, entertainment, theater business, movies, collecting societies, publishing, art making, museums, cultural heritage, individual artists.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Regulatory, Patents, R&D, Contracts, Litigation for patents and industrial property rights, Pricing

Real Estate – Construction

Major Projects & Project Finance (structure, operation, contracts), lease agreements, operation of constructing companies

Company Law - Mergers & Acquisitions

Business entities start-up, operation, managing, compliance, regulatory, liquidations, bankruptcy, contract drafting, mergers & acquisitions, stock exchange listing,

Competition & State Aid

Experience before the national Competition Committee and the European Commission, national and European Litigation, Provisional orders, advisory on contracts drafting and clauses



Shipping & Maritime Insurance

Ship-Ownership, foreign and domestic maritime companies, legal advisors of maritime insurance companies

Sports Law

Professional and amateur’s athletics, regulatory, contracts, litigation before special Courts/Committees

Civil Aviation 

Operational, Regulatory, Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority’s Procurements

Domestic and International Arbitration – Litigation 

On all the above areas of Law

Data Protection and Companies’ compliance

Corporate Governance, Compliance ruling and proceedings, Data Protection

Business and companies abroad

Companies and business in Cyprus, EU, Turkey, shipping



Family and Succession Law

Marital affairs, divorce, parents-children relations, heritage and succession, family business

Labor and Property

Artists and employees, lease and real estate transfer, over-lending protection

Personality protection

Defamation claims against press & internet, sensitive data protection

Our people

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